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Sleeve length

The perfect shirt for every man! That's why John Miller offers 3 different sleeve lengths:

  • Long sleeve shirt, sleeve length 5. The John Miller long sleeve shirts have a standard sleeve length 5 of 68cm for the Tailored Fit and the Modern Fit shirts.  This is the most popular sleeve length.
    All sleeve length 5 shirts

  • Extra-long sleeve shirt, sleeve length 7. Men with long arms can now choose a shirt with extra long sleeves. A shirt with sleeve length 7 has sleeves of 7 cm longer than a standard sleeve length.
    All sleeve length 7 shirts

  • Short sleeve shirts. John Miller also offers short-sleeve shirts for the spring and summer seasons.
    All short sleeve shirts
The cuff should fall just on the join between the wrist and the hand. If you are wearing a shirt under a suit or jacket, the shirt cuff should always extend 2 cm below the jacket sleeve.


The choice of cuff depends on personal preference and the particular occasion.

  • The single cuff. John Miller cuffs are made with the highest quality linings that guarantee the most comfortable wearing experience. You don't see it but you certainly know it! John Miller usually provides 2 buttons on the single cuff, which allows you to adapt the fit of the cuff if you're wearing a watch, for example.
  • The double cuff. Worn with beautiful cufflinks, a shirt with double cuffs brings a touch of luxury to your outfit. The John Miller double cuff shirts are supplied with 2 luxury mother-of-pearl cufflinks.