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Fair production in our own European factory

Craftsmanship and quality are very important to John Miller. You can certainly see this during the making of the shirt. See how a John Miller shirt is made!

High-quality fabrics

The John Miller designers develop most of their fabrics themselves with European suppliers in order to ensure fair production and to guarantee high-quality products.

European Production Company

John Miller has its own production company in Macedonia with more than 185 employees.  We are proud that the entire production process meets the stringent requirements of corporate social responsibility.

The production workshop

In the production workshop the patterns are first drawn as efficiently as possible and then cut out with the help of a template. As part of the preparation all the loose parts such as collars, cuffs and sleeves are finished separately. Once this is done they are grouped together according to size and colour and sent to the assembly department where the shirt is put together.

Finishing touch

In order to guarantee the high quality of each item there are controls in place between each process; loose threads are removed and any imperfections are corrected. Then the shirt is pressed in a room filled with steam.  Each shirt is then put together by hand.

The shirts are made by hand in order to ensure the best quality. There are around 45 people who work on each shirt.