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Shirt washing instructions: how to wash a John Miller shirt?

By following the washing and ironing instructions here below you will be able to enjoy your John Miller shirt even longer.

1.  Always wash white and coloured shirts separately. Use the appropriate laundry detergent

2. Turn the shirts inside out in order to avoid wear and tear on the collar and cuffs.

3. Follow the washing instructions on the label.

4. Put a maximum of 6 shirts per load in the washing machine.

5. Choose a special shirt wash cycle. If you don't have this, make sure you select a spin speed of maximum 600rpm.

6. Do not tumble dry your shirt; it is better to hang it on a clothes hanger directly after washing. Iron the seams, collar, cuffs and button panel smoothly by hand.

7.  If the shirts are still a little damp they are easier to iron. Use an iron setting of maximum 2 dots.

Enjoy your freshly washed John Miller shirt!

Shirt ironing instructions: how do you iron a John Miller shirt?

1. Iron your shirt with an iron set at the right temperature. Set the number of dots on the iron according to the instructions on the washing label.

2. Turn darker shirts inside out in order to avoid imprints from the iron.

3. Begin with the collar and iron from the points towards the centre so that the collar points always remain in place.

4. We recommend first ironing the sleeves. Put the sleeve on the board with the sleeve placket facing up and iron from the seam outwards. If necessary, turn over the sleeve and iron again with the sleeve placket facing down.

5. Next iron the cuff on the inside, from the outer edge towards the centre.  Be careful not to iron any creases into the cuff.

6. After that iron the back panel, then the right front panel (the panel where the buttons are sewn).  Finally iron the left front panel.

7. Hang the shirt on a hanger with the top button done up. Be aware that a warm shirt will crease more easily.